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Large diameter quartz tube products by the industry attention! Mar 07, 2017

Large diameter quartz tube everyone has to understand it, and now a lot of people for quartz products should be no stranger to life a lot of things are made of quartz, quartz glass good performance so that it first applied to the field of physical chemistry, so quartz glass Tube sales are high, large diameter quartz tube is a quartz glass tube is made of silicon dioxide, a special industrial technology glass, is a very good base material. Its superior performance by the line within the unanimous recognition.

Large diameter quartz tube which properties make it can get such a high degree of concern it, large caliber quartz tube softening temperature of 1730 degrees Celsius, long-term temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius long-term use, a short period of time the maximum temperature can be used 1450 degrees, so it can meet the high temperature work in many industries; in chemistry, large diameter quartz tube in addition to hydrofluoric acid almost no other acid substances chemical reaction, the acid resistance is 30 times the ceramic, 150 times the stainless steel , Its high temperature chemical temperature stability is other engineering materials can not be compared; large diameter quartz tube heated to 1100 degrees Celsius, when placed in room temperature water, it will not burst, showing its thermal expansion coefficient is minimal, can Withstand severe temperature changes.