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Quartz chemical properties and application range introduced! Mar 07, 2017

The quartz tube is made of natural crystalline quartz (crystal or pure silica), or synthetic silane is melted at high temperature to form quartz glass. After melting products with excellent processing performance, in a very high viscosity range, the tube and rod can be the same as the ordinary glass of the same thermal processing, can also be made of diamond or silicon carbide abrasive for high-speed machinery Processing, quartz glass heater to produce a variety of complex shapes of instruments and special products. The performance of quartz glass depends mainly on its purity, followed by the process or thermal system. The presence of trace impurities will have a significant impact on the performance of the quartz glass; at the same time, due to the slight negligence of the process or thermal system, the quality of the appearance will bring a variety of defects, resulting in a large number of waste products.