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The size of quartz crucible is established Mar 07, 2017

1, the reason is that it is in direct contact with the melt, molten silicon and quartz crucible sio: reaction generated sio, it also spread to the melt inside and melt to the surface of the melt.

Finally, a part of the solid-liquid near the interface, mixed into the crystal is growing, so that the single crystal oxygen content increased. Low temperature sinks take larger vortices, and the ratio of crystal diameters will be beneficial to the volatilization of oxygen.

2, therefore, when drawing a diameter of 80 mrn and a length of 7.000 mm silicon single crystal, we determined that the diameter of the vortex was 224 mm in diameter and 190 mm in height. According to the mechanical properties of quartz, the compressive strength was 8004 to 8500 (200 kg / cm), the flexural strength of the quartz crucible is 700 to 1100 (200C kg / cml), the torsional strength is 304 to 600 (20 cc kg / cm) , For this reason, we choose the thickness of orange im 4mm, so you can withstand more than 12Kg Si material.