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The type and use of quartz glass tube Mar 07, 2017

Quartz tube, including a variety of transparent, pearl, UV, UV sterilization and other quartz tube and double-hole quartz tube, diameter range 1.5-180mm, wall thickness range of 0.5-8mm, length 10-3000mm with fused quartz tube, , Filter UV tube, no ozone tube. Ordinary with molten pipe SiO2 up to 99.6% or more, geometric size, chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal denaturation and excellent anti-crystalline properties, optical transmission rate of 93% or more; desulfurization hydroxyl group below 10ppm, vacuum Dehydration, hydroxyl up to 5ppm, for high pressure mercury lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and other low-hydroxyl products; pearl tube is a white quartz tube produced by a new technology products, the surface like a pearl surface Heat pipe, heating tube, far infrared tube manufacturing; filter UV tube can filter out the UV spectrum band harmful to the human body 190-320nm wavelength UV, suitable for the manufacture of environmentally friendly light source; no ozone tube and filter UV tube Over 253.7nm wavelength of ultraviolet light, ozone-free ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the main material, widely used in medical equipment, water treatment, food hygiene and other sterilization.