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What are the common types of quartz pipes? Mar 07, 2017

Transparent quartz tube (diameter 1.5mm - 300mm), filter UV quartz tube, color quartz tube and so on. Good thermal stability of quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient is minimal, can withstand severe temperature changes, the quartz glass heated to about 1100 ℃, into the room temperature water will not burst. Good light transmission performance Quartz glass in the ultraviolet to infrared spectrum of the entire spectrum have better light transmission performance, visible light transmittance of 93% or more, especially in the UV spectrum, the maximum transmittance of up to 80 or more.

Good electrical insulation The resistance of quartz glass is equivalent to ten thousand times that of ordinary glass, and it is an excellent electrical insulating material, and it has good insulation performance even at high temperature. Quartz glass has been widely used in various fields such as electric light source, semiconductor, optical communication, military industry, metallurgy, building materials, chemistry, machinery, electric power, environmental protection and so on because of its excellent physical and chemical properties.