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What are the packaging methods for quartz instruments? Mar 07, 2017

Containers and auxiliary materials for packaging products:

(1) box: the use of wooden boxes or cartons, depending on the specific circumstances to determine the product.

(2) auxiliary materials: paper, corrugated paper, plastic film, foam, grass rope, hemp rope, such as the choice of choice.

Transparent quartz glass should be the first paper or plastic film and single-layer corrugated paper by root packaging; thin tube and rod should be bundled packaging, if necessary, each tube or stick first paper or single corrugated packaging, and then fine Hemp tied tightly, each bundle should be the same diameter, length of the product. And then into a box filled with hay or paper.

Quartz glass instruments, utensils, optical glass and sheet metal, should be separately with a soft paper plastic film individually packaged. High-purity quartz glass products must be packaged in plastic film, and the products can be overlapped, stacked together with fine linen, and then packed in kernels filled with hay or paper.