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A Small Method Of Cleaning Quartz Stone Mar 07, 2017

Quartz stone slabs Where there is a stain on it, it is recommended to scrub in time and give priority to waxing here, where the waxing rate can be high. Quartz stone because of the high hardness and density of the reasons, compared to artificial stone is not easy to bleed, quartz stone cleaning frequency is actually based on the customer's use, usually at home after the timely operation with a rag to scrub the table, you can Once a week for a unit cleaning and maintenance, one year focus on maintenance once.

Quartz stone cleaning and maintenance methods: you can use scrub cleaning supplies. After scrubbing can be used at home with car wax or furniture wax applied to the surface to be dry and then back and forth with a dry cloth friction, this will add a layer of protective film to the table. Especially need to pay attention to is the place where the stitching seam if there is a stain on the proposed timely scrub, and here to focus on waxing, if possible, where the waxing rate can be high.

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