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Quartz Glass Rod Of The Variety And Use May 16, 2017

  Quartz Glass Rod The variety and use of quartz glass are closely related, the user according to the characteristics of quartz glass, requiring the manufacture of quartz glass he needs, they produced a variety of quartz glass, the new varieties and improve the performance and quality of quartz glass, and promote the quartz The development of the glass industry. Almost all walks of life are made of quartz glass, but because of the complexity of quartz glass products, raw materials, expensive, resulting in the price of quartz glass is also expensive, limiting the extensive use of quartz glass. Here is a brief introduction to the main varieties and uses of quartz glass.

  1. Quartz glass for discharge tubes

  Quartz Glass Rod Since the transparent quartz glass has excellent light transmittance and heat resistance from the ultraviolet region to the infrared region, it is widely used in mercury lamps, ultrahigh pressure mercury lamps, xenon lamps, ultraviolet lamps, iodine tungsten lamps, halogen lamps, gas laser lamps, Halide lamps and other electric light source, it is China's largest customer of quartz glass, foreign is the second largest user (the largest user is the semiconductor technology), the primary task is to improve the quality and strive for more exports.

  2. Semiconductor industry (electronics industry) with quartz glass

  3. Infrared heater type quartz glass

  Quartz Glass Rod With opaque quartz glass (opal quartz glass) to create infrared heaters, heaters, crystal heaters, etc., the consumption of milky white quartz glass tube nearly 1,000 tons. Mainly used for electroplating bath heating, acid heating, home heating, tempered glass heating, industrial (bicycles, cars, etc.) paint baking Road, food, paper, textile industry, such as drying Road.

  4. A variety of acid-resistant container quartz glass

  Quartz Glass Rod Due to its superior acidity and heat resistance, it is widely used in the chemical industry. Such as synthetic hydrochloric acid plant; combustion, cooling and guiding device for high temperature acid gas; evaporating, cooling, absorbing and storing device for acidic solution, manufacturing device for distilled water, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid; chlorination reaction vessel; distillation tower filling, Steam heating and stirring device; acid resistant valve;

  5. Quartz glass for electrical insulation

    Quartz glass because of excellent electrical insulation and heat resistance, for Kodal electrostatic integrator, high frequency and a variety of electrical insulation materials, power plant boiler level tube, high pressure insulation tube class.

  6. All kinds of quartz glass containers for firing

    Since the quartz glass is a purely burned product that is not contaminated, it can be used as a firing vessel for various phosphor materials and various cups and plates.

  7. Protection tube type quartz glass

    Quartz glass is widely used in general thermometer protection tube; In addition, can also be immersed in pyrometer protection tube and steel temperature measurement indispensable material.

  8. Metallurgical industry with quartz glass

    Quartz glass due to heat resistance is particularly good, can be used for the furnace, blast furnace oxygen, carbon and other analytical samples taken tube; steel Lianzhan rolling out of the molten steel with quartz glass; precious metals, gold, platinum smelting quartz glass ; Non-ferrous metal smelting (aluminum and alloy, fusible metal evaporation cans) and other quartz glass.

  9. Furnace core quartz glass

    Since the quartz glass has excellent electrical properties, heat resistance and airtightness, it can be used as furnace tube and outer tube for electric furnace, gas furnace, high frequency furnace, etc. It can also be used for air, various gas and vacuum furnace.

  10. All kinds of physical and chemical equipment with quartz glass

    As the quartz glass has many excellent characteristics, can be used for expansion, thermal balance, electrical measuring instrument, spring balance, seismograph and other parts, flask, beaker, evaporator, crucible, boat, sulfur quantitative devices, Analytical appliances, spectrophotometer with the absorption capacity to run a variety of physical and chemical test items.