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Quartz Stone In The Decoration Of The Important Role Mar 07, 2017 Quartz stone plate is just to make up for the shortcomings of the wood sheet: the surface of the quartz stone plate if there is dirt, as long as the use of a damp cloth can be bright; on the other hand quartz stone plate with fire effects. So quartz stone sheet is now a lot of home kitchen table selection object. And the quartz stone surface is smooth, flat and no scratches stay, dense non-porous material structure makes the bacteria nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe non-toxic.

Quartz stone plate reinforcement way diversification, we mainly said that the use of solid wood keel technology to strengthen the plate method. We all know that the hardness of quartz stone is particularly high to Mohs hardness of at least 6.0. Second only to diamonds, solid wood keel is solid, with a certain degree of flexibility, to a fulcrum of quartz and up and down space, to achieve the effect of strengthening the quartz stone.