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Quartz Stone Manufacturers Tell The Importance Of Quartz Stone Hair Mar 07, 2017

First, before the quartz stone mining need to be familiar with the environment, the entire work arrangements have a plan to develop practical programs, so that when the mining more target and direction.

Shandong quartz stone chemical composition is silica (SiO2); natural quartz stone is the main component of quartz, often contain a small amount of impurities such as Al2O3, IMO ,, CaO, MgO and so on. Ceramics for the daily use of quartz, quartz sand, quartzite, sandstone, silica, opal, diatomaceous earth, rice shell ash is also rich in SiO2. With ordinary sand, crystal is the same composition of a substance. When the silica crystal is perfect crystal; silica gel dehydration is agate; silica water colloid after solidification to become opal; silica grains less than a few microns, the composition of chalcedony, flint, secondary Quartzite.