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Quartz Stone Manufacturers To Introduce You To How To Choose The Right Stone Curing Agent Mar 07, 2017

Stone to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the quality of stone luster, and the use of stone curing agent can really significantly prevent the stone in the decoration may exist after the various diseases, but if the choice of stone curing agent is wrong, it will play the opposite Effect, but will make stone lesions.

First of all, pay attention to the use of stone conservation agent after the stone color has changed, the surface residue is easy to remove, whether the impact of stone surface brightness.

Also, do not blindly believe that the use of instructions, any product must be on-site testing.

Again, do not be blinded by the effect. The real effect to remove the surface after the residue to continue to judge, this is the real effect of curing agent.

Quartz stone manufacturers for you to introduce these methods of choice of stone curing agent, we in the future use of the actual situation can be selected according to the application.