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The Hardness Of Quartz Stone How To Detect Mar 07, 2017

Casting quartz stone is directly cast molding, resulting in the middle of the plate with pores and easy to penetrate the plate, resin too easy to crack the plate. Die-cast quartz stone is to die through the press molding, making the plate more tight and dense will not penetrate, but now on the market die-casting quartz stone minor, mainly the size of the press. Small manufacturers press is relatively small, generally in the 20 tons of pressure (plate specifications 2400 * 760 * 15mm), while the manufacturers of the press are more than 60 tons, about 90 tons (plate size 3050 * 1450 * 15mm). Large manufacturers of the plate of a square force of 20T, so that the hardness of the plate can reach the bus hardness of 80 or more, Mohs hardness of 6 (can be detected by the professional sector). The scene generally hit the table, the sound is more brittle, the quality of the table is more reliable.