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What Are The Main Features Of Quartz Stone Mar 07, 2017

Quartz stone is characterized by the first scraping: quartz stone with a quartz content of up to 94%, quartz crystal is natural in the diamond after the natural minerals, the surface hardness can be up to Mohs hardness of 7.5, much larger than the kitchen used Knife and other tools, will not be scratched.

 Followed by no pollution: quartz stone is made in a vacuum under the conditions of the same, dense non-porous composite material, the quartz surface of the kitchen acid and alkali have excellent resistance to corrosion, the daily use of liquid substances will not penetrate its internal , Long time on the surface of the liquid only with water or clean and bright cleaning agent can be wiped with a rag, if necessary, can be used to scratch the surface of the blade retentive.