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What Is The Development Of Quartz Stone Mar 07, 2017

Artificial quartz stone in the domestic germination to the development, in this short period of less than ten years time, from the initial monochrome products, to gradually evolved out of the two-color, complex color, line lines, chaos pattern, crack pattern, Cartoon pattern. From this evolution of the process, it is easy to see that artificial quartz stone is actually a simple product from the basic technology, to imitate the direction of the development of natural stone pattern.

In order to achieve the natural stone natural pattern, technological innovation is the key, not only to combine the traditional process, but also dare to break the conventional process of thinking, from all angles to achieve the natural pattern. From the majority of manufacturers of new products, as well as the combination of equipment manufacturers analysis, the current formation of relatively close to the natural stone pattern, mostly from the manual process, in addition to some manufacturers can use semi-automatic manual auxiliary method, the formation of long and short lines, A lot of manufacturers just to make their products more eye-catching, spend great efforts, with pure hand to create new products. So now in the country, closer to the natural stone pattern plate, it is difficult to achieve fully automated, fully stable mass production. From the technical point of view, put the natural stone pattern plate, will also lead to rapid development, so explore new technology, master the first time.