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  • Frosted Quartz Sheet

    Frosted Quartz Sheet

    Frosted quartz sheet

  • Quartz Coating Flange

    Quartz Coating Flange

    Quartz coating flange

  • Quartz Ring

    Quartz Ring

    Quartz ring

  • Polished Clear Fused Quartz Discs

    Polished Clear Fused Quartz Discs

    polished quartz disc Clear polished Fused Quartz disc is an extremely versatile material used in a range of different applications. It has outstanding thermal properties, excellent optical transmission, with good electricaland corrosion performance. polished quartz disc is...

  • Clear Quartz Glass Slides

    Clear Quartz Glass Slides

    clear quartz glass Slides The physical properties of clear quartz glass Slides 1.High purity made of 99.99%-99.9999% pure quartz. 2.Strong Hardness, Can reach Morse level 7. 3.High temperature resistance, can work under 1200°C continuously, and in short time can even work...

  • Quartz Thread Pipe

    Quartz Thread Pipe

    Quartz Thread Pipe

  • Thick Wall Quartz Tube

    Thick Wall Quartz Tube

    Thick wall quartz tube

  • Clear,Square,round Quartz Glass Plate

    Clear,Square,round Quartz Glass Plate

    Clear quartz glass plate Quartz Glass is made with quartz silica special industrial technology glass, it is a kind of very good base material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, such as: 1. high temperature resistant. 2.and corrosion...

  • Any Size Quartz Glass Sheet

    Any Size Quartz Glass Sheet

    The properties of quartz glass sheet : chemical composition: Clear quartz sheet are used worldwide in the semiconductor and fiber optic industries, whose performance, quality and purity demands are one of the highest in industry. Advantage of quartz glass sheet 1.high...

  • Quartz Exhaust Pipe

    Quartz Exhaust Pipe

    Quartz exhaust pipe

  • Quartz Cone

    Quartz Cone

    Quartz Cone

  • Optical Instruments Quartz Plate

    Optical Instruments Quartz Plate

     Optical instruments quartz plate The feature of the Optical instruments quartz plate is as follows: high purity, strong transmission, strict size control, low OH content and so on. The deep processing would be done according to client's requirements, like neat cutting,...